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Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's next

Next on my list of things to do: open a business. The Man and I are going part-time at our jobs and opening a Home Services business (house cleaning, lawn care, minor home and landscaping maintenance). We have our license and tax ID and a handful of clients, and we're getting excited. It's terrifying but in a good, gutsy, challenging way. I know we can do well if we work hard, and I sure am ready to stop driving two hours a day. This weekend we need to get ourselves bonded and order business cards, and then we'll be set to go at the beginning of April.

I got my new uniform at class Tuesday night. It has my name on it! It's really real now, I'm really going to be an instructor. I still can't quite believe that I'm even a black belt. I've come so far in the last three years, I'm not sure I would have recognized myself back then. The next thing I really need to work on in TKD is calming my nerves, especially in competition. I always let them get the best of me, and I don't perform nearly as well in the ring as I do in practice, and it's intensely frustrating. I know I could be winning more often if I would just quit freaking out.

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  1. That sounds really exciting!

    I had one student who always completely freaked out during competition. I had another who thrived under the pressure. Channeling the nervous energy into positive energy is something that many of us need to work on.